EMS Joins Police for Tactical Medic Program

November 18, 2013

EMS team at sept12 bd meeting

A first in the Town of Colonie, the EMS Department joins with the Police for special high risk situations to protect and enhance life safety of our public safety officers and injured victims. Unanimous approval at the Town of Colonie board meeting on Thursday September 12, 2013 voted to approve a program which joins select paramedics who qualified and interviewed with the town’s Special Services Team (SST) or SWAT team as it’s commonly referred to.

The initial group was selected after successful completion of  a new physical agility test, an interview by the police’s SST leaders and having had experience as part of the flight program. Colonie EMS Special Operations paramedics  will train and work closely with the SST team.

Colonie EMS Deputy chief, Peter Berry, said the five people selected are assistant chiefs Paul Fink and Jack Bevilaqua and medics Oscar LaRosa, Pat Mellon and Robbie MacCue, who also work with State Police on medical flights.

Further stories can be found on the Times Union and EMS1.com websites.

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