Fitness Reimbursement Forms

CDPHP 2019 Fitness reimbursement forms [PDF Download]

Up to $400 a year or $600 per family

FitResponder recommends these on duty stretches to prevent injury

60 Second Stretches

  1. Hip Flexors @ 00:30
  2. Hamstrings 1:20
  3. Calf Stretch @ 2:00
  4. Chest @ 2:20
  5. Lats / Shoulders @ 3:00
  6. Neck @ 3:36

Bryan Fass, ATC, LAT, CSCS, EMT-P (ret.) has dedicated the past 10+ years to changing the culture of first responders from one of pain, injury, and disease to one of ergonomic excellence and first responder wellness. He has leveraged his 20-year career in sports medicine, athletic training, spine rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, and as a paramedic to become the expert on pre-hospital patient & equipment handling, fire-EMS fitness and wellness. 

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